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Giving Matters: Stories of Impact

Angky Budiardjono: Dream Meets Reality

For baritone Angky Budiardjono, the Setnor School of Music is a nurturing environment where he’s realizing his dream of being an opera singer. It’s also been an open door to an exciting opportunity.

Thanks to the Baker Artists Program, established through a gift from the Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation, he was able to spend four weeks training and performing in an intensive summer singing program at California’s nationally acclaimed OperaWorks school. See how Syracuse is putting his voice in the spotlight.

Arianna Clark: Determination Meets Inspiration

One of six kids, Arianna Clark felt incredibly fortunate when the Elizabeth G. Wolcott Scholarship made it possible for her to attend Syracuse University. After meeting Dean Wolcott, the man who, together with his late wife, created the scholarship, she felt not only lucky, but inspired by their generosity.

Now she pushes herself “to the limit and beyond in all that I do, to prove that their gift is making a difference.” See how her Syracuse education is one of the greatest gifts she could receive.

Meghan Durling: Opportunity of a Lifetime

When Jacqueline Durling heard about a Syracuse University scholarship that was established for students of Trumansburg High School, she suggested to her daughter—then an SU sophomore—that she apply. Soon after, when the recipients of the Philip B. Huttar Endowed Scholarship were announced, Meghan Durling's name was among them.

Syracuse University was Durling's dream school—within a fairly short driving distance of home, but far enough away to give her the sense of independence she wanted. It was also alive with school spirit, an important factor for the avid sports fan.

Durling is grateful for the opportunity to attend SU, and especially for the Huttar Scholarship. "It was a huge honor for me to be one of the first people to get the scholarship," she says. "I hope it helps students in my hometown to know more about Syracuse University, and inspires them to go there." Learn more about Meghan Durling and Philip Huttar, the donor who made her dream a reality.

Courtnee Futch: Ingenuity Meets the Way Forward

With all of $6.14 in her bank account and too much pride to call her parents for money, Courtnee Futch whipped up a batch of bacon-chocolate Rice Krispies Treats, put the word out on Facebook, and sold out in less than an hour. ThunderCakes—her bakery business—was born. But it was seed funding from the Raymond von Dran IDEA Awards Competition that enabled her to invest in equipment, pay legal fees, and hire interns.

Now she’s planning to take her thriving business full time after college. See how this young entrepreneur is fulfilling her dream.

Charity Purchas: A Miraculous Gift

Charity Purchas had little hope she could participate in a trip to London as part of her "Many Faiths, One Humanity" course. Finances were extremely tight for the dual major in political science and sociology, who manages a convenience store to support herself.

"This gift came just when I really needed it …"
-Charity Purchas: A Miraculous Gift

Just weeks before the date of departure, Purchas received a grant to go on the longed-for trip. Then, another roadblock–she needed an expedited passport, at the cost of $200. "I just didn't have the money to pay for it," she says. "And without the passport, I couldn't go."

Thanks to the Hassett fund, the dean of Hendricks Chapel, The Rev. Tiffany Steinwert, provided Purchas with the money for the passport and she was able to travel with the class. It was an exciting and educational experience Purchas will never forget.

"I learned so much about religious and social inequalities," she says. "It moved me to become more dedicated to the cause of justice and to make other people aware of the need for change. I'm deeply grateful to Mr. Hassett, who loved and honored his wife so much he created this fund in her name–he made a miracle happen for me." Read more about Claire and James Hassett.

Caroline Spink: High Hope Meets Real Opportunity

Growing up in the farm country of northern New York, Caroline Spink dreamed of attending Syracuse University. A scholarship established in 1987 by fellow Lewis County resident DeWitt LeFevre ’25 helped give her that opportunity. Today, Caroline is majoring in social work and hopes to someday work with veterans struggling with substance abuse—a group that, in her words, “gave up so much in order to protect and serve.” Read about how her donor’s generosity has become an inspiration.

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